Project at a Glance
Year: 2019

Services Offered:
– Brand Strategy
– Brand Development
Experiential Design
– eCommerce Retail
– Photography
Restore, boost, embolden: Rediscovering the hidden strength of an armor company.
When we first met Ballistic Armor Co., they were experiencing some growing pains. A change in ownership had left them struggling to gain traction with their previous brand, and they were struggling to carve out a place for themselves in the market.

Our proposed solution was to completely reimagine the brand and its voice from the ground up. For a military-grade armor company, we felt the brand lacked a certain level of grit that its products had naturally.

To communicate this grit and fortitude, we coined the phrase, “Brave the Assault,” and created a brand system that was grittier, tougher, and ready to brave the competition.​​​​​​​
Read the full case study here. 
"The New BAC brand helped us tell a visual story that our customers were easily able to understand and get behind."
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